A story about Helping Yourself and Helping Other People(TM)

Khadijah goes to School


KGTS explores the message of Progress through the message of “Helping Yourself and Helping Other People™.”

Themes: Giving, literacy, lifelong learning, human potential, self-development, identity, diversity (in thought and culture).

Bonus: In today’s climate of Islamophobia, KGTS is also a book that features Khadijah, a young child in a hijab (head scarf). The book also opens from the right (like Arabic) to convey perspectives. The curious reader will ask questions and hence, the book serves as a bridge between people, cultures and ultimately understanding.

It also has resource questions at the end of the book to reinforce the story.


“…innovative, colourful and groundbreaking.” – NOW Magazine
“…this remarkable book about learning, reading, cultural diversity and helping each other.” – Indigo (Love of Reading Foundation)
“Innovative book de es being judged by its cover.” – University of Toronto
“Reading is believing…It also champions diversity.” – UofT Magazine
“It truly…promotes literacy as a fundamental skill of a good life.” – The Word on The Street Toronto Literary Festival
“A bridge-building concept.” – OMNI News


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