A Toy for You A Toy for Your Neighbour by studentasim

Designed by: studentasim
Program: A Toy for You A Toy for your Neighbour
Campaign link: khadijahgoestoschool.com/eid2012
Slogan: Goodwill is easy
Purpose: To establish goodwill (A not for profit initiative. All other purposes, email info@studentasim.com)
Further: To raise awareness about goodwill around an occasion, in this case EID. Can be modelled in any faith based community or by anyone who cares about their community.
Future: Demonstrated and documented so YOU can run this program in your locality. See below
How it works: This is a 2 in 1 program. A 1st ever neighbourly and personal gift giving initiative. Get 2 gifts not 1! Keep 1 and give 1 to your neighbour! The main intent is gift giving by
1) rewarding the people that support a mosque/church/temple, etc./community/group/organization 2) go 1 beyond and gve them an extra gift for their neighbour
Scalability: Yes. This is not limited to just toys. The campaign could be called something else, i.e.:
“A Gift for You
A Gift for Your Neighbour”
Scope: HUGE
Appeal: World Wide
Media: 6 media stories – 1 in Uganda, 1 in Washington D.C., 4 in Toronto
Corporate Sponsorship: 3
Local Sponsorship: 5
Initial Target: $10 000
Money Raised: $2 000
**Number of Toys bought: 1350**
Time frame: 32 days – Sept. 24-Oct. 26, 2012
Prior planning: None
Occurred: Oct. 26, 2012 (Historical)
Where: Al-Falah Islamic Centre, Greater Toronto, Canada

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