My Skin: Brown (Softcover)


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I wrote My Skin: Brown to explore issues of #race in the #SouthAsian community (and at large).  Often times, racism is framed as white and black, but not brown.  The project was particularly sensitive exploring unforgettable moments like when me and my brother were spat on.

The book asks questions about choices. The choices “they” made, the choices the reader has made and still makes, and the many more questions including the choices the story makes.

My Skin: Brown stands in solidarity with the many untold stories.  For some, the stories will never end.


My Skin: Brown is a new children’s book that explores Racism through pictures published in 2018 by @studentAsim. Walk with Ayden Khan, a young Pakistani-Canadian boy, as he encounters THAT Racist “word” for the very first time…lasting a lifetime. My Skin: Brown is based on a true story and takes place in a real Toronto (Canada) neighbourhood.

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