The Champion for Life™ Famous Poster of 300 Languages™ (2 feet high X 3 feet wide)


$50.00 $30.00

The most diverse document on the planet.”  Poster: 3 feet high X 2 feet wide.  Cost: $30.00

The Champion for Life™ is the most diverse document on the planet. It has over 300 languages from the past and present.

Both languages and symbols are starting points to explore The World and ourselves.

Explore many topics: New perspectives on the world, people, cultures, racism, Islamophobia, Storytelling, Geography, History, Culture, Diversity, Literacy, Explore common ground through a common word, politics, World Religions, Linguistics, Life skills, Self-development, and much more!

There are many learning outcomes.  All learning outcomes produced are items of “Progress” that offer fresh new perspectives.

The recommended NEW User Guide (cost $30) helps educators/administrators quickly make use of The Champion for Life™ resource.

Statistics: In over 1000 learning institutions including schools, universities, learning centers and professors’ offices.


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