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Take the "Z" out™

Take the “Z” out is a social campaign to help people educate each other about how to pronounce Islamic words more accurately.

Take the “Z” out™ is an international bridge-building campaign to help people educate each other about how to pronounce Islamic (not Izlamic) words more accurately. 

Help pilot this idea! Phase One uses posters. We literally need posters on walls! OR Share them in your feeds. Tag #takethezout to help with adoption. Will you be a partner? Help make change. Display the FREE poster to facilitate learning. Engage colleagues, friends, and neighbours by displaying your poster.

Simple. Visual. Effective.

Download your Official Take The "Z" out™ poster for wall display and get the conversation going! FREE!

Share your experiences on social media: Use the hashtag: #takethezout Spread the word on twitter: Use this image. Spread the word on facebook: Use this image. Spread the word on Instagram: Use this image.

Is the poster free?

Yes it is, and you are encouraged to download, share, and display it on physical walls OR share the social media versions for your feeds.

Where can I display the poster?

On your social media feeds OR physical wall display. Anywhere really! For wall displays we suggest: open houses, schools, libraries, offices, community centres, public spaces, inter-faith spaces, and even your own homes 😉 Surprise us! 

What's the benefit of displaying the poster?

It will encourage sharing and learning. You may even surprise yourself with what you learn. Islam and Islamic cultures are typically misunderstood.

Why does it matter how I pronounce these word(s)?

3 good reasons: It shows you understand context. It sounds awesome to hear. And it demonstrates you are making an effort to be authentic.

But I've been pronouncing Islamic word(s) forever 🙁 

You may be still mispronouncing the word(s). Ask someone who you think may know.

Is this campaign only for Islamic History Month Canada?

Not at all! But you have to start somewhere 🙂

Is this the only poster or will there be more in the campaign?

This is a pilot project. Let's make this successful and we'll go from there.

How do I share the campaign?

Use #takethezout We want your stories!

Who came up with the concept?

Take the "Z" out™ is a social concept developed by @studentAsim, an author and filmmaker, in October 2019.

How can I support the campaign and the artist?

Any support is greatly appreciated to continue work. You may also purchase resources.

How can I get in touch with the producer of Take the "Z" out™?

Email @studentAsim.