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Islamic History Month Canada 2019 – Call to Collaborate

Dear educators and organizations, I am an author and filmmaker. I do:
– presentations about the Creative Process
– readings (poetry and 5 picture books)
– or we can customize a program together for Islamic History Month Canada 2019. I want to hear from you. Email me to connect or pass this on.

Special Deal for IHMC 2019
Take advantage of the Islamic History Month Canada Special Bundle now! Get needed Resources now.

Learn more about me: I recently did an interview with Islamic Arts Magazine in Bosnia. Check it out.

Just in!! Take the”Z” out is a new social-educational idea that helps people learn about how to pronounce Islamic words more accurately. Simply download, print out, and display the FREE poster. Watch people observe, comment, and learn. We NEED some people to start displaying this. Words matter. Can we count on you? Download the poster now.

Need to display unique artwork for Islamic History Month? DisplayThe Champion for Life™ concept, a stunning 10-year R&D project that shows The World in a brand new way. It is a collage of over 400 symbols, including 350 languages. It also showcases Islamic History.

The Champion for Life™, a stunning new way to see The World
The Champion for Life™ is available as a print or mural. Here, the mural is on display at a learning institution in Toronto, Canada. There are over 350 languages researched, leaving the viewer in awe, and with a new way to appreciate The World. It also showcases Islamic and Jewish history through language. Mural dimensions: 5 feet x 4 feet. Print Dimensions (looks like the mural): 3 feet x 2 feet

This is a Human Progress concept crafted to produce learning of the most unimaginable kind. The visual is so vast and unique, it literally pulls you in, asking you to interpret what you see and make meaning from it.

The Champion for Life™ print on display at a learning institution.
The Champion for Life™ print on display at a learning institution. Dimensions: 3 feet x 2 feet. Likewise, you can display a print in your learning centres. Many have used the prints in front foyers, on easels, and in hallways to welcome their communities and create social engagement.

The Technical: 400 Symbols: 350+ languages, and life-emblems: The 350+ languages all use the same word in their respective languages: “Read“.

“Read” is a powerful representation of literacy, struggle, giving, and Progress. It symbolizes The Story of The World.

As you stand there and witness so much humanity in this piece, it will strike you. The wanting of humankind to improve and progress is evident. You will observe how human beings have codified language, and human thought. There are also life-emblems like the heart, a map, a clock, and more, that create conversations about living, working, giving, and much more.

Display: Either as a print (3 feet x 2 feet) OR a beautiful mural (5 feet x 4 feet) on a glass-finish, perfect for receptions, wall spaces, and maximum impact. Orders can be placed here.

Champion for Life™ Relationship to Islamic History Month

Iqra (“Read” in Arabic) is the first word in the Qur’an!
– An artistic reflection of Qur’an 49:13: “We have created you into nations and tribes so that you may come to know one another…” With over 350+ languages represented, you are witnessing nations and tribes in an artistic way.
– A refection of the word Islam and the meaning of it. The word Islam, is derived from root words in Arabic of submission, and peace. The Champion for Life™ is an anti-racist, peace promoting, Human Progress concept.
Islamic History shown through language: With the Islamic Empire in many lands, local languages were also written in Arabic. For the very first time, Islamic History is shown through language using this concept. E.g. Chinese, Bosnian, Spanish, and Hausa have all been written with the Arabic script.
Possibilities: Seeking knowledge and being practical with learning is an Islamic tradition. Looking at 400 symbols that reflect the story of The World, will lead you in that direction.
Then there is you. You bring your interpretation, experience, and knowledge. This is a social experience never-been-seen-before. As you interact with your peers, you will exchange views of the most dynamic kind. Anything is possible.

Ready to make this happen? Email: info@studentasim.com to learn more OR visit the project site to order the mural or prints.

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