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What is Wisdom?

The Young Grasshopper & The Old Butterfly was inspired by a real situation at a workplace. I observed a younger man and an older man who had to solve a problem together.”


Introducing The Characters...

Feisty & Quick

Young Grasshopper

Calculated & Paced

Old Butterfly

The Story

The Young Grasshopper & The Old Butterfly is a tale about Wisdom. How is wisdom recognized? What is it? How is it attained? Is it important?

Come along and see how a feisty young grasshopper meets a careful old butterfly. Both are forced to save their lives after they find themselves in a life and death situation.

Some questions to explore:

How old do you have to be, to be wise?

Can wisdom be improved?

What is common sense?
How do you train to think in the moment?
What does a teacher or mentor mean?

Do teachers learn from their students?
What is experience?
How do you recognize wisdom?
What is ego? Are you aware of it?

Artwork from The Young Grasshopper & The Old Butterfly


Hand drawn

Life Skills



Young & Old bond

Right Action

Fight/Flight response

Discussion Tool






Simple. ELEGANT.