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The power of patience when writing an important email

Wait! Don’t hit that send button! Yes. Don’t hit that send button when you’re done writing that important email! Wait a bit. Maybe a day if you can stretch it. At least a few hours.

Why should you wait? Well do you ever get that feeling that the email you sent could have been stronger? More clearer? Better worded? Well, you are probably right. Over time, our ideas harden, and they become clearer if you are thinking about them.

I have been caught with this problem many times. I hit the button too quickly and regretted it afterwards. In fact, when you come back to your emails, you will be surprised that usually, you can improve snippets of text and you all of a sudden, you realize the message is tighter, stronger.

You should at least do this once. If you have time, try doing it a few more times. Noticeably, each time, you will see improvements. Even changing a single word, can have profound effects. You will start to appreciate the process and become a far more effective communicator.

This technique of not sending an email right away, but letting it “simmer” has worked 100% of the time for me. Try it out. I know it will work for you.

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